Professional Business Speaker – Career for women

Like any other profession of modern times, woman has stepped into the domain of business speaking. However, the corporate houses opine that there is always a paucity of women speakers. A good number of times, the women lack confidence and are not really sure as to how their point would get across the audience.
A number of women aspire for growth yet do not have much clue when it comes to making a presentation of their viewpoint in the boardroom.

Following are a list of tips and guidelines that may be useful for first time women professional business speakers

  1. When you are speaking in a boardroom make sure you have sufficient domain expertise on the subject. Chances are you would be asked questions and there would be queries from the audience. You must have a answer to the queries. In case you do not know answer to a particular question, do not try to cover it up. Be honest about your uncertainty and tell them that you would answer after getting it sufficiently clarified.
  1. Know your audience: Try getting as much information as possible about your audience. If possible try attending a few seminars prior to your own and try intermingling with the crowd. A familiarity with the audience would surely help you shed off all the inhibitions before the speech

Just as it is important for you to know the audience, it is essential that your audience too knows you. You can user certain social media channels like Twitter, Facebook to make your event popular, interact with them on a regular basis and spread the word about your speech. That way it will get your audience interested about the event, get familiar with you  and help you generate a certain level of interactivity. The more interactive you are with your audience, it will keep them engaged throughout the speech and ultimately help you establish yourself as a successful professional business speaker.