Guidelines for Social Media speaker

Have you got an invite for a Social Media conference? Is the mass looking forward to a great speech from you? If the answer to the above two questions are “yes”, perhaps it is  time that you go through a checklist of factors that may come handy before you prepare yourself for a great speech. The following guidelines are useful for beginners who are trying their hands in delivering speeches at social media conferences.

  1. Know your audience: Before your stand up for a social media seminar, you must have a very good idea about who your audience is. Do some research; get to know more about them. Study their profiles at various social networking sites, listen closely if they too have appe4ared or lectured at similar social media conference. This would give you a detailed idea about their profiles, knowledge and what they are looking forward from you.

In case, your audience has more than enough knowledge about social media basics, a lecture on the advent of Web2.0 would be a meaningless waste of time and would never contribute anything to the seminar. On the other hand, an expert speech on the usage or trends of social media may sound too technical for those who are trying their hands out at it.

  1. New element: The web is flooded with articles and videos on social media, its usage by the common citizens and its role in the parlance of generating social awareness. Make sure that you do not repeat the same all over again. Your speech needs to be authentic, effective and must serve the purpose of the audience.


  1. Domain expertise: Last, but never the least, as a professional speaker you should have enough expertise on this particular discipline. You should be prepared about sudden questions from audience and must have a ready answer to answer their queries.