Business speaker – propels you towards business goals

Who is a business speaker ?

A business speaker is a person who delivers speech before a mass of audience in an organizational setting so as to motivate them and enhance their performance and propel them towards attaining business objective of an enterprise.

Tools used by business speaker

Unlike a motivational/inspirational speaker, a business speaker does not help you create a realm of fantasy where you weave the dream of a successful life. A business speaker is more object oriented. He does not just help you visualize success, rather helps you actually see and feel success. Oftentimes, a business speaker uses powerpoint slides to empower his speeches. Power point slides acts as an audio visual medium that engages people, entertains them and coaxes them to interact into the process. That way, the business speaker does not limit his speech to a one sided dialect but involves people to engage into the process with equal enthusiasm and passion.

What does business speaker help you achieve?

Most of us are acquainted with what we know as motivational speeches. Perhaps we are tired of hearing the same dialect that emphasize on  dreaming more, pursuing our dreams , handling obstacles and triumphing over situations. But do they actually work in practical sense ? The question that eventually arise is “Can the business speaker actually make any difference?”

It is important that when you hire a business speaker at your organization, you interview him thoroughly and ask him to give a sample speech before you. Is he able to impress? If he is able to make an impression before you, chances are that he will be able to influence others as well.

There is a key difference between a motivational speaker and a business speaker. While a motivational speaker inspires the masses, the business speaker shows them the path to achieve their business goals by simplifying complex ideas, blending them with practical thinking process and also blending the organizational goals with their personal ambitions.